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Policy Statement
To initiate service, the customer will complete and sign an Application for Propane Service. Service may be denied to anyone based on prior or outstanding debt with Sevier County Propane or its affiliates, failure to comply with installation or deposit requirements as noted.

Prices are subject to change during the terms of this agreement due to current market prices. Upon application for service, the customer will be required to pay an Inspection, Installation and Annual Tank Fee. All gallons are correct as billed and are adjusted to 60 degrees Fahrenheit in accordance with NFPA 2142-57.

Installation & Delivery Fee
The Installation and Delivery Fee includes a tank set, regulators, 15' piping from the storage container to the dwelling, equipment check and normal start-up. The customer also agrees to pay for additional piping and parts and fittings. The propane tank must conform to all existing safety regulations. The tank and first stage regulator will be the property of Sevier County Propane and is only for the use of gas purchased from Sevier County Propane. Only employees of Sevier County Propane have permission to remove the propane tank from private property upon termination of the contractor for any reason. Annual tank fees will be due in September of each year. Tank fees will be pro-rated the month the customer signs up for service. The Tank Fee, and the Inspection, Installation and Delivery Fee is non-refundable. Upon any transfer or selling of property, the previous customer and the new customer are responsible for settling the ownership of gas in the tank upon takeover of property. We will give no refunds for gas to the previous customer and transfer gas to the new customer’s account. This is strictly between the previous customer and the new customer. Owner is responsible for notifying Sevier County Propane of intentions to sell property.

Payment of Invoice
Payment is due upon receipt of propane as delivered or no later than 30 days after delivery. It is understood that Sevier County Propane has the right to terminate the contract for any failure to pay charges for gas and/or other charges due and unpaid. A cut-off notice will be sent before propane service is terminated. Payments cannot be accepted by the drivers. A 1 1/2 % finance charge will be added monthly to all past due accounts or .50 cents whichever is the greater amount. If payment is not received within terms and we seek legal advice for collections, customer is responsible for any and all legal fees and court costs deemed necessary for collection.

Past Due Accounts
Once service has been disconnected, a reconnect fee will be charged.

Property Agreement
Sevier County Propane agrees to deliver and install at the address given in the contract agreement, in accordance with all lawful requirements and safety regulations. The customer must give consent by signing the Application for Propane authorizing Sevier County Propane to enter and leave the property for all purposes necessary including but not limited to; installation, service, propane delivery, and maintenance.

Relocation of Tank
Tanks may be relocated at the customer's request from one location to another at the same address, which is agreeable to both the owner and Sevier County Propane. The customer will be charged a relocation fee at the time of relocation. Equipment fees are non-refundable.

Termination of Service
When the customer wishes for service to be terminated, the customer will notify Sevier County Propane in writing immediately. Only a Sevier County Propane employee is authorized to remove a propane tank and equipment. Customer further agrees to hold Sevier County Propane harmless against all losses, liabilities, claims and expenses, including those of the parties, their agents and others, for death, personal injury, or property damages arising out of customer misuse, adjustment, alterations, or allowing anyone other than a Sevier County Propane employee to service the tank. A $75.00 fee will be charged for Tank Pickup at time of termination. If refund is due to customer the $75.00 fee will be deducted from that total.

Tank Size
Tank size will depend on size of BTU load and location. Sevier County Propane will determine tank size.

The customer is responsible for providing safe ingress and egress for Sevier County Propane vehicles and equipment. Sevier County Propane will not be responsible for any damages to any property caused by delivery trucks. Sevier County Propane will not be responsible for operation of its equipment when used with any appliance or device not approved by Sevier County Propane.

Sevier County Propane will define its service territory based on its ability to serve the customer in an economical manner. Tanks will be set in such a manner that the connection point for filling them will be 90 feet of an approved access point. Only the customer can sign up for service. This contract is non-refundable.

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